What’s Umami, Mommy?

Your kids might already recognize the basic four “tastes”—sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. (There are reasons why donuts just might be more popular than mustard greens among your crew.) Over time, experimenting with those elements will help them understand why  their food tastes so good (or bad)—like how mixing paint colors will enhance, ruin, or …

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How an Instant Pot Can Make Your Family Dinners Easier

Skeptics wondering if their kitchen needs yet another countertop gadget should definitely check out the Instant Pot before dismissing it as a flash in the pan. It’s become a sensation for a reason. Essentially an electric pressure cooker with lots of features, Instant Pots combine the ease of set-it-and-forget-it cooking with shorter cooking times. However, …

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Big Wins Kids Get from Cooking

As parents, we’re all part of the never-ending story that is trying to find things for our kids to do. Ideally those activities won’t simply entertain—they’ll also teach our progeny something practical and helpful (dare we say, even important?) about themselves/the world/stuff other than an iPad. Enter cooking: It’s educational, it’s confidence-building, it’s fun—and, if …

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