VIDEO: Chef Secrets—How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Scrambling eggs is straightforward enough, right? Crack a few eggs, whisk ‘em up, and heat until cooked. But this seemingly simple technique leaves room for tons of variations—the temperature of the pan, how much to stir, additions like cream or water. In our Little Sous video chef Leather Storrs and his daughter Charlotte use scrambled eggs in their tasty egg sandwich, so we decided to explore how other chefs (and their kids) tackle their morning scrambles.

Bonus: This might be the best dish ever for young helpers. Your kids can practice cracking eggs into a bowl and whisking with a fork (be prepared to fish out a few errant eggshells), and older kids can take on the full process from start to finish.

Low and slow’s the way to go
Chef Chris Cosentino, author of Offal Good, loves making scrambled eggs with his son. “My biggest tip when we make eggs is the temperature: We always start with the heat on low,” he says. “Cube some cold butter, then mix your already-beaten eggs with the butter in a pan or pot. Slowly work the eggs with a rubber spatula, turning the temperature slightly up, but never past medium heat, until the eggs reach the desired consistency. Keeping the temperature low will help create the perfect light and fluffy scrambled eggs.” This low and slow method is perfect for helping kids practice patience and observation.

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Cheese, please
“Whisk in cottage cheese! Makes them extra fluffy and just a little cheesy,” swears Gabrielle Quinonez Denton, the chef at Ox in Portland, Oregon.

Wait for things to get “steamy”
Jackie Sappington, the pastry chef and co-owner of The Country Cat in Portland, Oregon, taught her son Quinn (now 13) how to make the perfect eggs years ago. Here’s her step-by-step process: “Put a small, nonstick pan on a burner on low. Put a tablespoon of oil or butter in the pan. Crack two eggs into a small mixing bowl. Use a fork to mix the eggs. Pour eggs into the pan and season with a little salt and pepper. Turn the heat to medium. When the eggs get ‘steamy’ and start to cook around the edge, use a rubber spatula to mix them. When there is no more egg liquid in the pan, they’re done.”

Now that your Little Sous has mastered the scramble, take breakfast to the next level! Egg sandwiches: Crunchy, cheesy, savory, and, best of all, speedy. What’s not to love?  In our first-ever Little Sous video, we pop into the kitchen of Portland chef Leather Storrs and his daughter Charlotte as they whip up two takes on the ultimate egg sandwich to inspire your own brunch escapades:

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