Teach Kids How to Safely Slice an Avocado

Cutting open an avocado is one of those big kitchen moments—dramatic and delicious. Who knew these greenish-black oblongs concealed such bright, creamy goodness? Teaching kids how to slice up avocados safely and precisely takes them one step further along the path to self-sufficiency (and guacamole). That’s the lesson in our latest You Did It! video, a collaboration with Tillamook. Now: let’s find that green gold!

Let’s Cut an Avocado! (Adult helpers needed)

1. Stand the avocado on a dry, flat surface.
2. Make a tunnel over the top of the avocado with your hand.
3. Using a sharp knife, go under the tunnel of your hand and cut down into the avocado flesh, starting from the top. Follow the center (or the pit) and slice all the way around the avocado.
4. Twist the two halves in opposite directions and your avocado will come apart: One side will have a pit and the other will not.
5. On the half that contains the pit, slice down the center of the skin side, letting the shape of the pit guide you. Pull the two pieces apart, and discard the pit. (An alternative is to scoop out the pit using a spoon.)
6. Carefully score the green flesh into squares or cubes.
7. Using a spoon, scoop the avocado flesh out of the skin.

You did it!

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