Supermarket Heroes

A trip around the grocery store will yield important lessons—and a delicious vegetable pot pie.

Your Little Sous is probably your regular supermarket sidekick, but how often do you include them in the process in a meaningful way? Our “Explore the Grocery Store” Kitchen Academy kit will help turn everyday shopping trips into educational opportunities, with recipes, activities, and more to help kids become super (and super-helpful!) shoppers.

To start, kids will learn how to shop for—and cook—a delicious, family-friendly pot pie that can be customized in a bunch of ways.

Here are some teachable tips from this lesson:

Not all pies are sweet
A “pot pie” is a savory dish made by topping a mixture of ingredients with a pie dough (or other pastry) and baking it. Shopping for this recipe will take kids on a journey around the grocery store, from the fresh produce section to the dairy case, and down the canned foods and freezer aisles. They can buy a pre-made pie crust in the refrigerator or freezer section of the grocery store (thaw the crust first, if frozen), or make their own by following the pie crust recipe in our “Who Wants Pie?” Kitchen Academy kit.

Frozen is fresh!
Fresh vegetables are great, but they’re not always in season—and they’re not always at their freshest when you buy them. Frozen vegetables are made by first cooking fresh vegetables (usually by steaming or quickly blanching them in boiling water), then rapidly freezing them to lock in their freshness. Because they’ve been precooked, most frozen vegetables are ready to eat once they’ve been warmed up.

Roux who?
A roux (pronounced ROO) is a mixture of flour and butter (or another fat) that’s used to thicken sauces, soups, stews, and—in this case—a pot pie filling. After liquid is added to the butter and flour mixture, the starches in the flour expand and absorb the liquid, making it thicker.

What’s an egg wash?
To give pastry dough a beautifully shiny, golden-brown color when it’s baked, we brush the top of the dough with a mixture of an egg beaten with a little bit of water. This is called an “egg wash.”

Find this lesson and more in the Little Sous “Explore the Grocery Store” Kitchen Academy box!

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