A Healthier, Homemade Nutella. Really!

Anyone who lives with a picky eater knows that traveling can be difficult, and that the more exotic the location, the greater the likelihood that mealtime will be frustrating. But while abroad, my daughter and I can usually find the one food guaranteed to meet no resistance: Nutella.

Available in 160 countries and so popular that sale prices can spark riots (yes, riots!), Nutella seems to cross all cultural boundaries and meet the standards of even the most choosy eaters. While these days no one believes Nutella is a “nutritious” breakfast option—indeed, sugar and palm oil are its first and second ingredients—the spread’s popularity persists for one reason: The combination of hazelnuts and chocolate is undeniably delicious.

Which raises the question: Why not make your own, minus the bad stuff? My version is just as rich as the original, but even more chocolatey, with much less than half the sugar of Nutella. It also uses healthier fats and, as an added bonus, is dairy-free. And yes, my daughter loves it.

Scroll down for the full recipe!

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