Inside the Little Sous Subscription Box—A New Way to Teach Kids to Cook

We love to cheer on families as they bond, learn, and cook up a storm in the kitchen. That’s why we’re excited about The Little Sous Kitchen Academy, a monthly subscription box for kids that educates and empowers the next generation of cooks.

A Kitchen Academy subscription outfits your budding chef with cool new kitchen tools, tested recipes, expert-designed cooking lessons, fun games and puzzles, and sweet food-themed stickers. (Hey, stickers never hurt.) Everything is chosen to stoke kids’ curiosity, build their knowledge and confidence, and unleash their creativity. And our recipes, we must say, are pretty tasty.

For a sneak peek inside the Kitchen Academy box, click the handy “View Gallery” button. Intrigued? Check out our subscription options. Oh, and why do we do this? Little Sous founder Kelly Montoya answers that question and more:

What inspired the creation of Little Sous?

It’s harder than ever for busy working parents today to fit everything in. Cooking with my daughter started as just that—a way to make sure I spent quality time with her, while also getting dinner on the table. A few years into it, I realized just how much we had connected in the process, and how cooking had contributed to her own personal development: her creativity, her confidence, her connection to her palate, ingredients, and the broader world around her. I was inspired.

What’s different about how you approach teaching kids to cook?

We understand the barriers to being in the kitchen with kids: time, inspiration, and safety. We’re teaching kids to cook, sure, but we’re also in the trenches as parents, looking to inspire fun and togetherness for families everywhere.

We focus on fundamental techniques and food knowledge, using immersive and improvisational approaches to our activities and recipes. In other words, we want kids to learn to be their own cooks. The core lessons we provide each month are designed to empower kids to be more confident in the kitchen. Our recipes aim beyond what would be expected of “kid-friendly” food. We believe kids are highly capable. We also believe that introducing them to new cultures through food fosters compassion and empathy.

At the end of a long day, know that cooking with kids doesn’t have to be complicated. Inviting them into the process can be as simple as letting them choose a pasta shape, or allowing them to shake the salad dressing in a mason jar. To music, of course.

The Little Sous Kitchen Academy box teaches kids to become creative, confident cooks. Check out our subscription options—and get ready for some hands-on family fun!

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