DIY Easter: Make Egg Dye & Super-Cute Chocolate “Bunny Bark”

As a brand that has a bunny in our logo, Little Sous is just a bit invested in Easter. And listen: nothing but love for the PAAS Easter egg dye kits, which filled many a bygone Holy Week with the nostalgic scent of vinegar and challenge of trying to imbue one single egg with many colors that began as chalky tablets. But it’s also fun to get deeper into any process, and add some DIY magic to a beloved seasonal ritual—and give the kids yet more reason to be invested in the egg hunt.

In our “Eat the Rainbow’’  Kitchen Academy box, we served up a three-step, kid-friendly method for making your own food coloring. The recipe’s below. If the prospect of smashing raspberries to a juicy pulp doesn’t motivate your group on its own, the finished product—a dye that keeps for up to two weeks—can readily adapt to serve in homemade Easter egg dye.

When the hunt is over—as long as you didn’t really get diabolical and hide the things in places where they evaded detection for hours and hours—you will have a festive oversupply of hardboiled eggs in need of eating. As our sensei Rachel Ray reminds us, those eggs can be pickled, devilled, sliced and mixed, and scotched. In this hands-on approach, the shells became kid-crafted art. Now, the insides become dinner.

We also teamed up with our friends at the hilarious (and so, so on-point) podcast Didn’t I Just Feed You?! to present Bunny Bark—the cutest, sweetest last-minute Easter treat around, and the perfect way to use up all … that … candy.

The Little Sous Kitchen Academy box teaches kids to become creative, confident cooks. Check out our subscription options and get ready to have some hands-on family fun!

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