Good Morning, Sunshine: Easy Slow-Cooker Breakfasts

Slow cookers are often hailed as saviors of weeknight dinners, but they work just as well overnight as they do during the workday—which means you and your Little Sous can harness that make-ahead magic for breakfast, too. What’s more, because things don’t heat up to stovetop-level temperatures when you’re slow cooking (and because that infamous This is Us plot device has been well debunked), a slow cooker allows for kids to safely take the reins and prepare the morning meal in their pajamas.

A slow cooker allows for kids to safely take the reins and prepare the morning meal in their pajamas.

Buttery Overnight Grits via the Kitchn: Embrace the Southern staple for breakfast without the long stovetop simmer. Your kitchen helpers can rinse and drain the grits, measure all ingredients, and trot off to brush their teeth in a flash. P.S.: If you’re tempted to add some shredded cheese (which is clearly a good idea), stir it in right before serving, as cheese can seize in a slow cooker.

Hash brown egg casserole via Stockpiling Moms: Frozen hash browns are a major timesaver, and the convenience factor goes through the roof with this hot dish made with eggs, sausage, and cheese.

Overnight cinnamon-apple oatmeal via The Yummy Life: If you love a morning bowl of oats but don’t enjoy standing over a simmering pot before you’ve had coffee, this recipe is a revelation. Kids can measure out steel cut oats, walnuts, milk, and a few other kitchen staples (knife-ready kids can chop the apples, too) and get all the bragging rights come morning.

French toast casserole via Living Well Kitchen: What’s not to like about a morning filled with the aroma of vanilla and cinnamon? Kids can tear slices of bread and whisk together the rest of the ingredients before bedtime. All you need to do is flip the switch to ‘on’ before you turn in for the night. Brilliant.

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