Chicken Soup for the Sous

Soup is one of the world’s oldest foods, and something kids all around the globe eat every day. (In the United States alone, we eat more than 10 billion bowls of soup every year!) Our “Souper Duper!” Kitchen Academy kit celebrates soup in all its forms and seasons, from winter cold-busting chicken noodle soup to a refreshing bowl of gazpacho—a chilled soup popular during Spain’s hot summers.

Your Little Sous will start the soup schooling by making a classic American soup: chicken and dumplings. This thick soup is loaded with vegetables and potatoes, and topped with fluffy biscuit dumplings that cook right on top of the pot. For the biscuits, kids can either use a boxed biscuit mix or make their own from scratch!

Here are a few teachable tips from this lesson:

Watch the Stove
Most soups and stews are cooked on the stovetop, a place where adults should be extra careful when helping kids cook. Make sure long hair is tied back, loose sleeves are rolled up, and that your child understands how to safely stand and cook at the stove.

Be Chicken Safe
Raw chicken can carry harmful bacteria, including salmonella. Any time you work with raw chicken in the kitchen, it’s very important that kids wash their hands with soap and water after they handle it, then ask you to wash any tools (such as knives) and surfaces that the raw chicken touched.

Biscuit Basics
The “dumplings” in this chicken and dumpling soup are made from instant biscuit mix (though this lesson also contains a recipe for from-scratch biscuits). Biscuits are another kind of “quick bread” (like the muffins in our “Gift of Food” Kitchen Academy kit). You can roll out biscuit dough and cut them into circles or squares, but here kids will be making “drop biscuits” by spooning the dough on top of the soup to steam, rather than baking them in an oven.

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