My Little Sous

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Like many, I had my daughter Bryce while also working at a pretty intense, full-time job (I was a magazine publisher at the time). For so many working parents, success means maximizing the time we have and cramming in as much productivity as possible. In our …

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Big Wins Kids Get from Cooking

As parents, we’re all part of the never-ending story that is trying to find things for our kids to do. Ideally those activities won’t simply entertain—they’ll also teach our progeny something practical and helpful (dare we say, even important?) about themselves/the world/stuff other than an iPad. Enter cooking: It’s educational, it’s confidence-building, it’s fun—and, if …

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Parenting Picky Eaters 101

Picky eaters aren’t made; they’re born. That’s the realization food and culture writer Joshua David Stein had when his first son, Achilles, started (not) eating solid food. “Food is a big part of my life, but the only way Achilles and I interacted about food was through fighting,” Stein says. He turned to children’s books …

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