Celebrate the joy of cooking with kids and feeding your family

How to Cure the “Yucks”

It’s bad enough to have kids get mouthy about meals at home. But when their beaming Nonna presents them with a pot of stew she’s been cooking all day and they take one look and insult it with a cry of “Yuck!”—well, it makes you want to stow away in the landing gear of the …

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Italian Oxtail Stew is a Surprisingly Good Kid Kitchen Adventure

Just to be clear, my family was not cooking oxtails in Montana in 1988. We were not saying to each other, “Hey, there’s this great, traditional, proletarian Roman neighborhood dish, it takes four hours and uses cast-off meats, yum!” (I would venture that awareness of regional Italian cuisine was not acute. Spaghetti, pizza, lasagna: That …

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My Little Sous

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Like many, I had my daughter Bryce while also working at a pretty intense, full-time job (I was a magazine publisher at the time). For so many working parents, success means maximizing the time we have and cramming in as much productivity as possible. In our …

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Big Wins Kids Get from Cooking

As parents, we’re all part of the never-ending story that is trying to find things for our kids to do. Ideally those activities won’t simply entertain—they’ll also teach our progeny something practical and helpful (dare we say, even important?) about themselves/the world/stuff other than an iPad. Enter cooking: It’s educational, it’s confidence-building, it’s fun—and, if …

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