Kitchen Academy

Essential techniques, clever tips, and safety basics for cooking with your Little Sous

Gluten-Free Flatbreads, Five Ways

Our go-to recipe for wheat-free flatbread is made with just a few simple ingredients and can handle a whole rainbow of toppings or fillings. To make the flatbread, simply mix together the wet ingredients (1 cup full-fat greek yogurt, 2 tablespoons olive oil, and ½ cup milk or non-dairy milk) and the dry ingredients (2 …

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A photo of handwritten, paper holiday tags expressing sentiments of gratitude.

Family Gratitude Branch

With a large branch and some hang tags, you can start your own family tradition at the holiday table. You’ll Need:1 large branch that you can lean against the wallHang tags (store bought or homemade)1 hole punch4-6 inches of (small) ribbonPen or marker STEP 1: Using your favorite cookie cutters, trace shapes onto a piece of …

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Whoopie Pies Are the New Cupcakes

I did not grow up eating homemade birthday cake. Mint-chocolate chip ice cream cakes from Baskin Robbins were my jam. I loved them and, more to the point, cake-making did not interest either my mother or father. (They put their energy into lawyering, psychotherapy, and grounding me.) My children, however, celebrate each and every birthday …

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A Fourth of July Cake Worth Celebrating

America’s birthday is full of dazzling hues, from iconic red, white, and blue bunting to the dazzling firework shows that cap the evening. And at backyard gatherings across the nation, one patriotic dessert—the sweet, simple flag cake—has itself become an icon. Fourth of July-themed cakes, traditionally iced with white buttercream and decorated with fresh summer …

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Hand-Washing Science

This experiment will show why you should always wash your hands before handling food. Using sliced bread, you’ll see how much mold grows after you touch the bread with dirty and clean hands. How different do you think they’ll be?  YOU’LL NEED: 3 slices of bread* 3 (or more) resealable plastic sandwich bagsMarkerSpray bottle  * Any kind …

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Little Sous Pizza Party

Pizza Party!

You’ve probably eaten pizza at restaurants, school, or delivered to your home hundreds of times—after all, pizza is the most popular food in America. But have you ever made your own, from scratch? You will with the lesson in our “Pizza Party!” Kitchen Academy kit—and when you’re finished, you can call yourself a pizzaiolo (if …

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Peas: The Gateway Vegetable

Digging in the dirt? Super fun. Pulling weeds, pruning, dead-heading, thinning, fertilizing, battling ravenous bugs, and waiting several months to see the fruits of your labor? Not so fun, even for the most enthusiastic of green thumbs. That’s why peas make the perfect gateway crop for budding gardeners of all ages. (That includes parents, even …

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