Little Sous

Hand-Washing Science

This experiment will show why you should always wash your hands before handling food. Using sliced bread, you’ll see how much mold grows after you touch the bread with dirty and clean hands. How different do you think they’ll be?  YOU’LL NEED: 3 slices of bread* 3 (or more) resealable plastic sandwich bagsMarkerSpray bottle  * Any kind …

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Little Sous Pizza Party

Pizza Party!

You’ve probably eaten pizza at restaurants, school, or delivered to your home hundreds of times—after all, pizza is the most popular food in America. But have you ever made your own, from scratch? You will with the lesson in our “Pizza Party!” Kitchen Academy kit—and when you’re finished, you can call yourself a pizzaiolo (if …

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Chicken Soup for the Sous

Soup is one of the world’s oldest foods, and something kids all around the globe eat every day. (In the United States alone, we eat more than 10 billion bowls of soup every year!) Our “Souper Duper!” Kitchen Academy kit celebrates soup in all its forms and seasons, from winter cold-busting chicken noodle soup to …

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Supermarket Heroes

A trip around the grocery store will yield important lessons—and a delicious vegetable pot pie. Your Little Sous is probably your regular supermarket sidekick, but how often do you include them in the process in a meaningful way? Our “Explore the Grocery Store” Kitchen Academy kit will help turn everyday shopping trips into educational opportunities, …

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How to Soften Butter (the Fun Way!)

Everything’s better with butter! Since the creamy sticks are refrigerated to maintain freshness, the fats inside harden and need to be broken down into a malleable state before being added to your favorite recipes. By using just two simple kitchen tools (a rolling pin and parchment paper), kids will be amazed at this method’s simplicity. …

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The Dos and Don’ts of Dry Ice

Mysterious and mesmerizing, dry ice is a spooktacular way to turn your Halloween punch into a thing of BOO!-ty. That said, as with lots of awesome stuff in life (hot glue guns, sharp knives, propane torches), dry ice is also something you must handle with care, especially when children are involved. Get the dos and …

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